Saturday 10 September 2011

The Bookplate Society Newsletter - Summer 2011

It's been a very productive summer for my bookplate collection, with several classic texts added to the reference library and many new ex-libris carefully catalogued and stored.  My current project examining Canadian military ex libris and marks of ownership has also progressed with just a few more stones to overturn, and then I think I may have enough research at hand now to start putting together a small book on the subject.  As a teaser perhaps I will post a few interesting bits on the subject up on this blog in due course.  Admittedly, I thought it would be a relatively compact subject to explore, but my research has uncovered much more than I could have originally imagined.

In the meantime I continue to tackle the pile of bookplate reading material on my desk.  Recently arrived was the latest newsletter from the British Bookplate Society (Vol.33 No.1 Summer 2011).  Available to members of the society as part of their subscription, the newsletter includes a few interesting research notes, a book review or two, a statement of accounts for the society, membership news, and an healthy email auction list.  If you collect ex libris or simply enjoy knowing more about heraldry or the history and culture of books, I'd recommend joining the society.  They offer a wonderful selection of publications and materials, and even for us "overseas" members, the content is worth is the investment.  Have a great weekend.

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