Monday 14 November 2011

Bookplate Society News

October 2011 Supplement
The fall/winter edition of the Bookplate Society Newsletter (October 2011 supplement) arrived this past week containing the results of auction 63 as well as the latest offerings for Auction 64, a total of 170 lots.  As usual the auction contains a number of interesting lots including a small collection of plates by J.A.C. Harrison, engraved on copper, and offered for sale by the artist's grandson.  If you wish to reference some of the ex libris being offered, please see Brian North Lee's book on Harrison, also offered for sale by the Bookplate Society.  Other lots include bookplates by artist Leo Wyatt, as well as a good mix of British and American ex libris.  Additionally, at the back end of the newsletter is a advertisement by a collector seeking two elusive bookplates for his collection.  Apparently, cost is not a problem if you happen to have them, so I encourage you to go looking through your swap pile, you might have a treasure in there waiting for you.  Such is the interest and intrigue surrounding bookplate collecting!

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