Monday 7 May 2012

The Bookplate Journal - Spring 2012

Spring 2012 Issue
The Spring 2012 edition of the The Bookplate Journal arrived this past week and as usual it is jammed with an excellent variety of articles, research notes, items of interest, illustrations, and reviews.

Volume 10 No.1 of the new series features five excellent articles covering a wide range of topics.  Bryan Welch has written an insightful piece on 'Mary Watt's bookplate for her Husband', while his shorter piece on Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, is similarly gripping.  Jim McCready's homage to the work of Daniel de Bruin (1950-2010) is both informative and touching.  Meanwhile the articles by Benoit Junod and W.E. Butler reveal the interesting and often overlooked fringes of the traditional bookplate world.

The remainder of the journal is stuffed with research notes and reviews covering topics too numerous to list here.  However, one item I will mention specifically is the review of Mark Tomasko's recent book on 'Ray Safford: Rare Bookman' by W.E. Butler.  I found this review exceptionally informative, and have subsequently ordered the book from Oak Knoll Press for my private library as a result.  I am grateful to W.E. Butler, and the Bookplate Society, for including such reviews in the the journal.

The Bookplate Journal is published twice a year in the spring and autumn, as is available to all subscribed members of the society.  A tremendous resource for book and ex libris historians, researchers, and collectors, I highly recommend this publication for your private library.  Please take a moment to check out the society and its publications.  Now back to reading the journal.  Until next time....

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