Tuesday 17 April 2012

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Bookplate Blog Book 2011
It's already mid-April and I've yet to blog anything here!  As summer approaches I find myself wanting to get away from the keyboard more often, but that said I will try my best to blog at least once every week or so depending on what new finds come my way.

After my last post I had a couple of further inquiries regarding what I thought of making a bookplate blog book, as well as a few requests for a photo, so here's what the final product looks like.  As you can see, for the price it's a pretty decent hardcover publication.  I chose the arts and letters club bookplate to illustrate the cover simply because I liked it, but hopefully next year's book will sport my own new ex libris on the front.

Speaking of previous posts, since my blog on Ex Libris place names I've continued to explore this aspect of bookplates with some interesting results.  Looking through various collections for bookplates associated with the city of Toronto, for example, turned up a number of fascinating illustrations.  Here's a few of the one's I found particularly interesting:



As I was searching, I also noted the absence of certain place names in many of the collections.  I haven't seen very many bookplates for places in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or the territories.  Surely someone living in the Yukon had a bookplate made?  For now the hunt continues, until next time...

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  1. There are a batch of books in a local bookshop with a very boring text only plate that is 'name'-Owen Sound. (Ontario). I really want it, but the junky old books it is in are very overpriced and I just can't make myself buy for such a utilitarian plate.

    Thanks for showing these. I hadn't really singled out this element for consideration before.