Monday 30 April 2012

More Miscellaneous Ex Libris

Bookplates are here!
Since tomorrow is the first day in May (already - where does the time go?), I thought I might do some small justice to my blogging in April by just sharing a bunch more miscellaneous ex libris related things I've come across this past month, in no particular order.

First on the list are some lists.  Specifically, the first one recently published onto the web by the Art Gallery of Ontario's E.P. Taylor Research Library and Archives.  It seems they have a small Canadian bookplates collection that one can explore further with the assistance of this Finding Aid.  At quick glance it looks as if they have a few interesting items that I'll have to try and see the next time I'm there.  The second one is a Finding Aid for the Hugh Anson-Cartwright Collection donated to the MacKimmie Library at the University of Calgary.

Over on the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada website there is a page dedicated to the Ex Libris work of Gordon Macpherson.    A well-known Canadian Herald Extraordinary who has designed many great arms and seals for his country, he is noted especially for his armourial ex libris and is highly sought after for this work.  At left is but one sample of Macpherson's highly skilled designs.

A few particular ex libris of interest were also brought to my attention.  For example, this eighteenth century bookplate belonged to Sir John Caldwell (1775-1842), a Canadian Lawyer who was elected to the legislative assembly of Lower Canada and served as its Receiver General from 1810-1823.  Apparently, in 1824 a scandal came to light that his office had misappropriated and "misplaced" $100,000.  Despite the scandal Caldwell was never brought to trial, and he died many years later at St.Mathews, Quebec.  History and rumour has it he was horribly underpaid yet led a rich and extravagant life...

Well, I think that's it for April.  I originally thought I'd have more to blog about this past month, but my last two book and bookplate hunting trips turned up nothing of note, and it's been a little while since I've added anything new to the collection.  Still, some new literature has arrived and I have tales of yet another book hunting adventure, but I'll save these for May.  I want to get this posted before the clock strikes twelve!  Until next time...

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