Saturday 12 January 2013

Book Seller Labels and Binder's Tickets 1

A sample of bookbinder tickets and seller's labels
Ex Libris are often described as miniature works of art, but after I began collecting them I discovered that things can get even smaller.  Enter the stationer's and bookseller's label, and the bookbinder's ticket.

These mini tabs are often found in the bottom or top corner of the gutters of the pastedown, or on the endpapers, of many older books and were used by binders and sellers as a way of advertising their part in bringing a book to market.  Some sources suggest they saw first use in the 18th century but an exact date of introduction seems less certain. Still, they constitute an important book artifact and offer us great insight into the book trade of years past.  Whether your interest is books or local history, there's much research enjoyment to be founds in these tiny treasures.

labels and tickets in all shapes and sizes
Admittedly, when I first started acquiring these it was more by accident than by design and I didn't know (and still don't know) much about the ones in my collection.  Not surprisingly, however, there are a couple of excellent websites out there where one interested in these things can learn a whole lot more.  My favourite references on the topic to date are Bookseller Labels and Seven Roads.  Each of these websites offer a tremendously rich resource for someone looking to get a better understanding of the use of tickets and labels.  As well, both sights have large picture galleries to browse.

I seem to have amassed quite the pile of these things and am in the process of separating out the Canadian ones for my own collection.  I also need a way to store and present them. I thinking about putting them into an album, but does anyone have any ideas on how I might be able to display these?

Also, even after I've separated out what I want from the piles I'll be stuck with a large collection of old British, American and other international labels that I'll be looking to swap for Canadian bookplates, or perhaps, to sell to someone else who may appreciate them more than I will.  If labels are your thing, get in touch at the email above and I'll be glad to send you a photo of what there is on offer.  hopefully, these labels can find their way to a good home.  Until next time

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