Tuesday 22 January 2013

Rest Your Shield Now and Again

Remember to rest your shield now and again
It's a rather busy time at the moment with several other writing projects on the go, and I spent my weekend toiling away to meet a scholarly publisher's deadline instead of digging through the boxes of bookplates and other book related ephemera that patiently awaits my attention.  As I'm unlikely to get away from work to write up a proper blog this week, I thought I'd just share a bookplate with you that I've currently set on my desk.  This little ex libris reminds me that at some point everyone should rest their shield for a moment and take a break.  As one who researches and writes extensively every day in my career, it's easy to forget this.  It's a good reminder for me - it's good for your physical and mental health, and gives you the energy needed to return to the work at hand.

I've liked this ex libris for other reasons as well, and appreciate its unconventional approach to displaying a family coat of arms.  If you have a bookplate that makes you think, please feel free to share it with me.  Perhaps we can post some other people's favourites up here on the site.  Until next time....    

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