Sunday 23 October 2011

October Odds and Ends 2 - J.H. Holbrook M.D.

Just a short update today to include another bookplate I discovered this month.  It was in a bit of rough shape for the price, but being a very specific 'dedication' bookplate I could not pass it up and therefore it came home with me.

This bookplate appears to be quite specific in that it does not have a generic space to fill in a name like many prize bookplates typically have, rather it appears to have been specifically designed for the individual to whom the dedication was made.  A gift from the Hamilton Rotary Club to J.H. Holbrook M.D., I found this bookplate fascinating for its completeness and apparent uniqueness.  I can't imagine that the Hamilton Rotary Club would have commissioned a designer to create just a single bookplate, but having inspected this ex libris very closely it appears that they did exactly that.

Of course, this has made me wonder why they would do such a thing, but more research will be required before I'll have answers for you.  To date, I've yet to discover more but I'll report back here as soon as I do.  In the meantime, enjoy the last week of October.  I have a busy book week ahead of me and will have more to report on the weekend.

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